Thursday, June 3, 2010

Your Phone is so much more than a Phone

I have been developing mobile apps since 2002. Ever since I started, I listened to people talk about the potential of cellphones especially in the area of marketing. Ok, even I have talked about the great potential. But the reality is even though I have written some really cool mobile applications I just have not seen these predictions come to reality until now. I think within in the last year we have seen mobile platforms take center stage and become the ultimate personal and convergent device. Most of this is due to rise of the iPhone and Android platforms. Let me show some of my observations.

Digital Wallet
Ultimate Communication Device
Connectivity Device
  • Always connected Internet device
  • Portable hotspot (Sprint HTC EVO) for connecting all your devices
Entertainment Device
  • Movies
  • TV (ABC)
  • Music
  • Books
  • YouTube
  • Games, Games and more Games
Location Aware
  • GPS apps
  • Compasses
  • Camera and photo software
  • Video
And the list keeps going. Combined with the ease of portablity it is the only thing I always leave home with besides my wallet and hopefully someday I will be able to leave my wallet home too.

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