Thursday, January 24, 2008

Touch is a PDA not an iPod

I don't understand why Apple will not just admit it. They have admitted the iPhone is a smart phone. With the recent enhancements and the soon to be released SDK, the iPod Touch is a PDA not an iPod. Assuming somebody comes out with an application that enables me to do a timesheet (preferably something like the Palm based ThinkDB which was a nice relational database with form designer) that I can sync with my Mac, I will be able to retire my old Sony CLIE for an iPod Touch and be able to justify the cost. See, I prefer to think of the device as a PDA I can play music on rather than an iPod with a browser. Best yet is it has to sync with my Mac better than my CLIE. The other two things I would love to see added since it is a PDA is extended memory and bluetooth. I would love bluetooth, so I could use a bluetooth keyboard to enter data.


Steve said...

Perhaps Apple is avoiding the unwanted Newton comparisons by not promoting the PDA functionality. Another thought I had that I've not heard much about is using the Touch for disconnected web apps (e.g. Timesheet) like Google Gears type functionality. I wonder if Safari on the Touch supports the Gears browser extension. If so you don't really need to wait for the SDK.

Joseph Faisal Nusairat said...

IN fairness the iPod was always that way. It always had the ability to sync contacts, calendar. etc. It's only now that functionality is more useful.

However I guess one would say where does the primary functionality lie. PDA's can play music, are they music players? No because they suck at that.

The iPod touch ... where is its best features, in my opinion after owning an iPhone the iPod features do make it the best ipod

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