Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Doughnut Token

The development team I am currently on has the common practice of using an integration token like many agile teams. Instead of using a stuffed animal like some teams to communicate that you are integrating or checking in code, we use the integration token built into the open source XP project management tool XPlanner. We started using this when we had an offshore component. We have continued using an on-line token because some of the developers do their best work in the evenings from home, and we still want to prevent each other from clobbering check-ins.

This week we experienced a new challenge. Two team members brought donuts in on the same day. There were so many donuts we could not finish them all in one day. So to prevent this tragedy from happening in the future, we started a new practice based on our agile experience. We implemented the first ever donut token. Now we should be able to spread out our donut enjoyment. Unfortunately, there are no known open source donut tokens available. If anybody is inclined to create one, make sure it includes a mobile component so the token can be checked from a
Krispy Kreme parking lot.

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