Friday, June 13, 2008

eApps is great for Grails hosting

In episode 58 of the Grails Podcast, Glen and Sven spoke about a Grails hosting service that costs about a dollar a day if used in production. So, I thought I would share my experiences in hosting Grails applications. For the past year I have used eApps for my Java, PHP and Grails hosting. I have been extemely happy with them from a support, feature and price perspective. I have used many hosting services in the past including other Java hosting services and eApps is definitely the best. My Beginning Groovy and Grails co-authors, Joseph Nusairat and Jim Shingler also use them for hosting as well.

eApps starts Java hosting at $20 a month for Tomcat and a offers a $30 option for JBoss or Glassfish which is less than a dollar a day. It also includes database options of MySQL, PostgreSQL or Derby. It has a load of other standard options such as email, ftp, control panel, PHP, Ruby On Rails, etc. But my favorite features are root access to my own virtual server, DNS configuration through control panel, easily hosting of multiple domains with one account (which can bring the daily cost down furture) and a Subversion or CVS repository.

I personally use the JBoss option while Joseph and Jim are using the Tomcat option.


Sprad said...

Do you feel that 288mb (or 412mb in your case) is robust enough to handle Java/Groovy/Grails applications? Thanks in advance.

Christopher M Judd said...

Obviously it is going to depend on the load and what you are doing. But for a causally used site I have found 412mb to be adequate. At the point it is not adequate, eApps offers advanced, premier and dedicated plans.

jtanner said...

I quit using eApps when I discovered that their default image included an unsecured mail proxy. Surely there's got to be a vhost company that knows how to secure a mail server.

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